Graduate Recruitment Awards 2019

We were really lucky to get the opportunity to be one of the sponsors at the TargetJobs National Graduate Recruitment Awards 2019.

Our journey towards the awards in April began back in February when Michelle was asked to mentor one of the student panels on the judging day. It was a fun filled day where the students were able to voice their opinions and choice who they thought best deserved to win. She was able to see all of the entrants of the award that we were sponsoring, ‘The best innovation in student recruitment’, and it really showed the great advancements that companies are making to help graduates as they move through their recruitment programmes.


We were also lucky enough to join the other sponsors at a networking lunch the week before the awards where we were able to enjoy the sun, a pretty rare occurrence in London, on a beautiful rooftop. Being the newbies we were able to get some great insights from those who have been sponsoring this event from the beginning on what to expect.


Finally the big night had arrived, we were all dressed up and couldn’t wait to experience the night ahead, especially since we’d heard so many great memories from past years just the week before. The awards were held at Grosvenor House and it definitely lived up to the hype. We had an amazing host in David Walliams, I think we were all a bit star struck when he came on stage, and a great performance by Destiny’s Children, who were just as entertaining as their name sake.


And finally the main event, for us anyway, our very own Donna went up on stage to present the award that Michelle had helped the students judge just a few months ago. She was thrilled to announce the winner… BP.


We wish all of the graduates the very best in their future journeys, we for one enjoyed every step of the journey with TargetJobs towards their awards and look forward to working with them again.

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