How to ace your video interview


Here at Showcaser, we want everyone to shine. We saw Michelle’s video interview out-takes and thought she could use some hints and tips!


As new technologies hit the recruitment market, more and more candidates are being asked to complete a round of one way video interviews. If you’re one of those, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. As recruitment experts who’ve used their knowledge to develop a unique video platform, we’ve put together a few keys to success when it comes to video interviewing. So you can impress and let your personality shine.

Make eye contact and have good posture

It’s important to look at the camera when you’re recording. Imagine the camera lens is your interviewer – you’ll want to look them in the eye, in order to connect with them and be seen as personable. Posture’s also important. Don’t forget to sit up straight in the centre of the camera. Don’t slouch – you don’t want to look like a slob!

Think about your answers

Most video interview questions will have a time limit. It’s a good idea to think about your answers before you start recording. You can always make a list of some key points you want to cover in your answer, so when you’re recording you can make sure you’ve covered everything. Just as in face-to-face interviews, you’ll be expected to answer the question fully, but this time you’ll have a time limit.

 Dress to impress

Much like in a real life interview, you have to dress the part. Some people have the misconception that video interviews mean you can be a bit more casual with what you wear. The reality is you’re still trying to make a good impression. Dress as if it’s a face-to-face interview – so no pyjama bottoms just because your lower half won’t be seen!

Do your homework

You wouldn’t go to an interview unprepared, would you? Like all interviews, your knowledge of the company’s product and achievements will be tested. You need to be ready to answer tough questions.

Choose the right background

Lighting is key! Your potential employer will expect to see you properly. So sit facing a light source and not with your back facing it. Think about your background too. Choose somewhere that’s neat and tidy – a plain wall is preferable, so you can avoid the interviewer getting distracted.

Speak up

Technology is amazing but it doesn’t always work when you need it to. Check your equipment and make sure everything’s working properly ahead of the interview. You also might want to test how the website works beforehand. At the beginning of the interview, there’s no harm in making sure everyone can hear you. Otherwise you might give the best answer and they might not hear it.

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