Slacking to Success


Here at Showcaser, the team are avid Slack users. We shamelessly sing it’s praises on a weekly basis. Recently, we had the opportunity to attend the Slack Frontiers event in London.

We wanted to share our thoughts on some of the other magic and some lesser known features that we realised could take our slacking to the next level.

There were wonderful guest speakers at the event, discussing the innovative ways they use this friendly collaboration tool and it really helped to see that the user experience and the productivity and ease of how people work is the focus of Slack. They live to help the rest of us be that little bit more productive.

Now, of course we all love the \giphy command in slack, but there’s so many more app integrations where that came from.

Top integrations we love:

  • Google Drive
  • Twitter (would be great if other social media were also available as apps)
  • Trello
  • Jira

Those help us in practical terms, but things like Lunch Train, which is handy for impromptu team lunches or same-day evening activities are also a great way to support teamwork and bring a human element back to a tech tool. Because after all, if you’ve saved enough time being efficient using Slack, then surely a proper lunch break is deserved!

Needless to say, we’re excited to be trialing some of the newer apps and integrations over the next few weeks…

Well played Slack, well played!