Amsterdam 2018 : What did we learn from UNLEASH?

Showcaser finished an amazing two day adventure at UNLEASH Amsterdam exhibiting in the start-up zone. I say two days, but weeks of preparation and setting up the stand on Monday had gone into to making sure our proposition was clear, the objectives were set and our image what we wanted to portray.

I’ve been asked why we went to UNLEASH so early in our product’s life. For me there were five simple objectives.

 1.  Product Market Fit / Proof of Life

Having worked on projects where we’ve listed to tonnes of research on what people want, only to find out we’ve missed the mark, there is no better test of your concept than commercial reality, can you hook people interest and get them to sign up. Also if we’ve built a duffer or someone can blow a hole in the concept or product, I’d rather know now so we can pivot or kill.

2.  Feedback

We had tonnes and tonnes of it! We watched how people used the product, we listened to the questions they asked and this will all go back into our marketing and product to ensure Showcaser is more easily understood. The round of applause our 5 minute investor pitch got was appreciated as well.

3.  To Become Part of the Ecosystem

We met some great people. Some with more mature products than us who could help and advise, some at the same stage as us. When we couldn’t solve a delegate’s issues we’d walk them over to other stands who may have a compelling opportunity. The atmosphere and quality of the teams we saw bodes really well for the HR Tech space. The Indeed party was great and thanks to Helen for inviting us.

4.  To Nail The Pitch

I did just over 50 demonstrations of the product, the pitch changed over the two days dramatically as we pre-empted what the questions might be and also managed to land the message earlier. To get to 50 appointments just imagine the ground work, preperation and travel you’d have to do both in total time and elapsed. Three months worth of demonstrations in two days and a significant number to high ranking decision makers we’d never get near at our stage of growth.

5.  Team Bonding

Ok, we see each other every day, in fact probably too much. But the bonding experience and fun moments we had will never be forgotten. We cut that great blend between being absolutely on it from 8am everyday to the close to having a cool time with each other all the other exhibitors at the event.


We set out with five objectives and it is fair to say UNLEASH Amsterdam delivered on everyone of them for us. As a startup every penny counts so we need to ensure we are getting the return on our investment that justifies the expense.

So now back to reality London, with warm memories and new friends, now to follow up those leads and keep building our product and user base.

by Andy Hallett, Founder at Showcaser

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