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Video Interviewing has been growing in popularity and is definitely becoming the norm in a lot of different industries and regions, but the question of ‘Why should I bother using video interviewing?’ is one which we still get asked all the time. So we thought that we’d let you know why we think Video Interviewing is the way forward and why it will soon be a vital part of all recruiting processes.

  1. Scheduling multiple Interviews isn’t always possible

Whether it’s the hiring managers or the candidate who’s short on time (usually both – let’s be honest), getting all the necessary parties into one room at the same time can be a nightmare. Even if you forget about physically getting everyone in the same room you still need everyone free at the same time for a phone/video call.

Candidates can miss opportunities, but also companies can miss out on the perfect person for that role due to scheduling hurdles. That’s why Showcaser is just asynchronous, one-way, all you need to do is send a link to a candidate, they can record it when they have the time and you can watch the response when you’re ready.

  1. Consistency

Ever find yourself missing out some of the questions that you meant to ask during an interview, or simply forgetting how one of the candidates responded. You can get rid of the confusion when you have all of the answers to your pre-set questions in one place. You can’t miss out a question and all you need to do is watch the video for a reminder of what a candidate said.

  1. Expensive stakeholder decisions

The more senior the role, the more expensive the hiring process. Whether it’s 2 hiring managers or a boardroom full of executives, the first stage interview process can be very expensive and time-consuming when all the decision-makers have to clear their schedules.

 Having all the stakeholders review the shortlisted candidates on video however means simply putting aside a few minutes to see if the person is right for the role, and the company. Using Showcaser you can create a playlist from the best responses you get back and they can be watched by the stakeholders by simply clicking an easy-share link.

  1. Easy like Sunday morning

Sunday for an interview? Unheard of! Well, actually – what we’ve seen with Showcaser is a high-volume of uptake on ‘weekend interviews’. Sometimes the best candidates are just too busy for an interview during the week, especially if they’re having to travel some distance. They can however make time on a Saturday or Sunday in the comfort of their own home to record responses to your Showcaser questions. That way, by the time you get into the office on Monday morning, you’ve already got your first stage interviews done and ready to watch, so you can get the show on the road.

  1. Don’t just tell them, show them

Ever had to justify a candidate that you’ve put forward for the role? Or want to describe someone new who is starting with the team? Show them! You can use the share links to show who the new starter is, or get input from other colleagues before making a final choice.

  1. Refine the interview process

I’m sure you’ve been through first stage interviews where both you and the other person have known instantly that they’re not right for the role and it’s just not right for them. There’s not much you can do in that case, you still need to conduct the whole interview all while knowing that you’re both wasting your time. This means you’re probably going to have to wade through quite a few write-off interviews before getting to those with the really good candidates. Why not remove it altogether? Having a first stage of interviews pre-recorded means everyone saves time and you can get to those superstar candidates so much faster.

  1. Make the most of those first impressions

As a ‘respondent’ of a Showcaser, you can re-use your own content as much as you’d like through the easy-share link. This means you can introduce yourself, your company or anything else… and include this anywhere where you need a more personal touch (e-mail signatures, SMS, Power Point Presentations etc…).

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